About George Williams

George Williams is an entrepreneur from Charleston, South Carolina. A proven employee benefits expert; offering high-impact and low cost solutions to businesses, carriers and consultants for over two decades. In-depth industry experience with core benefit communications, enrollment, training, technology and voluntary benefits from small proprietors to Fortune 500 companies.  

A history of strategically driving the business and getting bottom-line results, while remaining customer focused and delivering impeccable service. Highly motivated consultant with strong leadership, analytical, consulting, and problem solving skills.
Employers have incentivized employees with insurance and health benefits for over a century. Many organizations have struggled to see the positive impacts on their workforce and bottom-line. 
We are helping solve some of the most complex employee benefit issues faced today; by partnering with brilliant insurance, healthcare, and human resource professionals. Whether its a turnkey solution or a fully customized and proprietary client solution, we will guide you in identifying and implementing the right solution to meet your objectives.


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