It will be done right

BOST will never compromise your relationship or put our interests above an employee.  We provide you the best benefits people, most innovative solutions, and an ironclad commitment to be there for you and your client in a supporting role long-term. We help you take control, organize all the benefits and technology —so you can focus on what you do best.

Product Support

Analysis, plan design & recommendation.


Case set-up, paperwork, timeline and conference calls.


On-site, self-serve, call-center, tracking and reporting.


It’s worth every penny

Fee for service is available or we can quote “A la Carte” based on a specific client needs; or fees can be incorporated under an employee benefit revenue share arrangement. Many times you will find there are insurance carrier arrangements in place with BOST, that leverages additional revenue to fund our solutions. BOST will never compete with you, nor solicit your client outside of the parameters of our agreement.


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Hey, thanks for stopping by!

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