Employee Benefits Technology

Our platform is a beautiful, powerful and flexible, HR and Employee Benefits technology for employers. Everything you have ever wanted to do, can be built and installed in one company resource. Bring your ideas to life, by letting BOST be your dedicated HR and Benefits IT team.

When employees are very satisfied with the technology for managing their benefits, they were almost twice as likely to view their benefits as innovative or unique (93% vs. 46%).

SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management)

Technology Wrap

The Technology Wrap is an employee portal for any and all employee resources. Keep your information up to date, and keep them coming back for more.


Our Thinvested technology automates weight-loss incentives. Crowdfund support from employers, insurance companies, family or friends.


The Benelearn app is a decision support and plan comparison technology, that provides valuable personal benefits guidance to your employees.



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