Take your benefits to the next level

The Technology Wrap organizes all People resources, documents, and processes. Simplifying enrollment, easing service burdens and enabling scaleability that enterprises need. 

Employees are granted access to browse your customized knowledge base and frequently asked questions about company policies and employee benefits. There is a multitude of options available for engaging your employees.


Employee polls inform the employer how to best incentivize motivate and care for their employees, or even how to, retain their best employees.


Social engagement helps your employees to a more healthy lifestyle and helps you to have a happier, healthier, more productive workforce


FAQs are prepared in collaboration with client, carrier, technology vendors and consultants. These commonly include payroll, benefits, technology, and leave questions.


Thinvested will track employees qualifying wellness incentive activities and let you know when its time to credit their account.


Empower employees with a powerful tool for personalized health plan comparison. Brings savings to plan sponsors through consumerism.


Let us help you determine what the right employee benefits resources in order help reach your company goals for the year or the next ten years.


Let us help you get all of your employee onboarding and paperwork taken care of in a quick, convenient, timely, and most organized manner.


Our event calendar will make sure that your employees are always up to date and informed on the latest relevant company news and events.


Find out how BOST can help you.

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